I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.


Some thoughts on gender in pen names

Hello all!

It’s been a long time since my last post, and I apologize. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Most people who know me see me as a woman, a female. But in many times in my life, I have wanted to be a man. Sometimes I look like a man because of the way I dress and do my hair and the fact that my voice is deeper than most women (though both my mother’s and sister’s voices are deeper). There is no rule suggesting that the gender to my pen name has t match my sex. So I will change my name. I have always kept it A. R. Vapor in order to be gender neutral, but some people may know that the full name is Arenelda Rachel Vapor. But it is now Aaron (because sometimes I write Aren for short for the female version) Richard (just because I like the name) Vapor. On second thought–the name will probably change depending on whether I feel like a man or a woman at that moment. I think that gender is a very fluid thing. Sometimes I feel like a woman, and sometimes I feel like a man, and I think that that’s okay, even though I’m supposed to be a good Mormon girl and believe that “gender is an essential characteristic of individuals.” But I don’t think gender is essential, and neither is sex. But either way, I will sign “A. R. Vapor” just to make it easier. Sometimes it’s Arenelda, and sometimes it’s Aaron.

A. R. Vapor



I feel that recently I have been thinking more and more about philosophy (which is good, isn’t it, considering that is my major?). I have decided to create a new blog for all of my philosophical thoughts. If you are interested in my philosophical thoughts, here is the link to the new site: iaataawaistu.wordpress.com (pronounced ai-ay-tay-WHY-stoo). The letters stand for “I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe,” which is the twelve-word description of myself. The new blog is called Philosopher and Mormon (subject to change) because it was religion, specifically the Mormon religion of which I am a part, that had gotten me first interested in philosophical questions. I owe much to Mormonism for the way I currently think about life. If you are at all interested in how a Mormon looks at philosophy, go ahead and look at this new blog…and I will probably post more there than I do here.