I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.


I should probably explain the very basic thing in my stories:  narolomy.  Narolomy is a system of what we would call “magic” because of its spiritual aspect.  First of all, there is a religion called narology which teaches that there are two “intelligences” or supreme beings:  the Great Intelligence (what is often referred to as the Great One) and the Dark Intelligence (or Dark One).  As far as everyone knows, they might not even have a gender; however, most people refer to them as male, and so shall I.

The Great One, ruler of the heavens, created the principle that everything is connected to each other through a force known as the Bond.  This is the defining truth in narolomy.  The Dark One, ruler of the shadoworld (or the spirit world) is trying to destroy narolomy, thereby destroying all that the Great One stands for so that he can get more power.  Now, in narolomy, it states that everyone has a calm point in the essence of their being, a place where all things neutralized.  There is no loud nor quiet, no dark nor light, no good nor bad. This point is called the ong.  Narology is being able to use the Bond through the ong, thereby being able to control certain things.  The ability to do this is called the ont, and only narolomists possess it.

There are two main categories of narolomists:  the narm (a narolomist born with the ont) and the narl (a narolomist that obtained the ont later in their life).  Justantion is an illegal use of the ont.  Every narolomist is able to go into another living thing’s head and either control, torture, or kill it.  This is what justantion is.  It is said that justant torture is the worst of it.  Nomation is the process of making someone obtain the ont through justantion.  It is one of the vilest of punishments there is.  A person becomes a narl through nomation, which includes at least two years of torture if used at least fifteen hours a week.

Each narolomist possesses abilities within their element.  For example, if a narolomist’s element is fire, he is able to control and create heat and fire.  The eight elements are fire, water, light, sound, stone, earth, air, and plant.  With the element of light, the narolomist is able to control colors, making himself invisible, as well as create or control lightning.  With sound, the narolomist is able to control how loud something is as well as create any sound he wants.


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