I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

About Me

This is me.

My name, or rather, pen name, is A. R. Vapor. I have been an aspiring writer since the age of about 13, after reading The Lord of the Rings. It seems that many writers got into writing after reading that particular series. When I first began writing, I wanted to write entertaining stories, stories that people could relate to and to help them not be bored. I wanted to help people that never read much to discover the joy of reading. This is still what I intend to do with my writing. However, I now want to write in order to show others a whole new way of looking at themselves and the world around them. Although genre fiction probably sells more copies, I would like to write literary fiction. Much of my writing is introspective; I find that reading about the character’s thoughts, and focusing mainly on them, is much more entertaining than reading about only what happens. So I have decided to write that way too (plus, I feel more driven to write that way).

I am a student at Utah Valley University’s Integrated Studies department. I love philosophy, which is why that is one of my areas of emphasis. Because I want to be a literary fiction writer, I want to go to graduate school in Philosophy and perhaps become a philosophy professor. For my senior thesis, I plan to write a novel with the working title, “Believing God.” You can read more about this novel on my blog post entitled ‘Believing God.’

This blog was originally intended to showcase my writing. However, many of the posts have been about abstract and religious ideas. Now, though, some of my philosophical ideas can also be found on one of my other blogs entitled ‘Philosopher and Mormon’ (I am also a Mormon, though not an orthodox one) at iaataawaistu.wordpress.com. Occasionally I will put excerpts of my stories on this blog, but more often than not, I won’t.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts!


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