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Reasons to Live, through the eyes of Lukien the Bronze Knight

I just finished the book entitled ‘The Forever Knight,’ a follow-up, sort of, of the Bronze Knight trilogy by John Marco, which included ‘The Eyes of God,’ ‘The Devil’s Armor,’ and ‘The Sword of Angels.’ This story I found really striking, and I think it sums up a lot of what the book is about.

“I remember a story from when I was a boy, about a knight who spent his whole life protecting his city from a monster that lived in the hills. Every year, when the monster came to find a maiden, the knight would ride out from the city and fight the beast, and every year he would win his battle and send the monster back to the hills. Then, one year when the knight was very old, a little boy asked him why he never killed the monster and wouldn’t that make much more sense, instead of having to fight the monster every year.

“The next day, the knight rode out to the monster’s lair and killed it while it slept. When the city people heard the news, they rejoiced. The little boy asked the knight if he was happy now.

“‘No,’ the knight told the boy. ‘Now I have no reason to live.'”

-Lukien the Bronze Knight
#johnmarco #theforeverknight


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