I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

My teacher loved my story

In the Integrated Studies course I was taking this semester, we were required to do a term final project, which can be 10-15 page paper, a piece of artwork, a piece of music, a piece of literature, etc. For the first 2/3 of the semester, I had decided to do a term paper. However, as the semester went on, I was thirsting to get started on a story that had a lot of relevance to the class topic (which was Heidegger’s Thinking and Being, Indian thought, and Bohm’s account of quantum mechanics). This was partly because one of my friends had submitted the first novel in her book to Shadow Mountain earlier this semester. And I was thinking, “What are you doing not working on your writing?” So I decided that it was time to begin writing again. And although the semester was more than halfway done, I asked my instructor’s permission to do the story instead of the paper for my final project. He granted me permission, and I wrote the story.

The last time I met with him was the last week of April, and we discussed grades and assignments. I was surprised to hear that he loved my story and wanted to use it as an example in case future students wanted to do short stories in his classes. He asked me where I got the ideas for the story, and I told him all about it. The story has been in my head for about a year, and I always thought it was a unique idea. But I wasn’t sure how he would have taken it, so I was surprised when he loved it. He also encouraged me to do more with my writing, perhaps an IS emphasis in English or something similar. I already wanted to do writing as a profession, but thinking about Dan Wells’ advice to me (that he wished he had studied something else in college besides English because writers learn to write by writing, but they also need knowledge about the world), I was thinking about doing an IS emphasis in Humanities because that would give me background in many things related to human beings. But I am also thinking about doing English.

Of course, philosophy is going to have to be one of them. I love philosophy and always will. If I actually decided to write professionally, I would still want to go to graduate school to study philosophy. Perhaps not a PhD, since those are mainly for those who want to teach, but an MA. I think that would be very enjoyable.

I will probably post the story on this blog sometime in the future. To give you a heads up, it is about a young girl that has heard a call all her life, a call that she will follow in the story and discover something earth-shattering about the world. The thing that has been calling her has called her to be a prophetess to give humans its message. And people scorn her for this message, and she and her family need to go into hiding. About 20 years after this experience, she comes out again to publish a pamphlet that summarizes her experience for those who didn’t get to hear it firsthand, and this pamphlet was the story that I turned in.

I will turn this story in to the Writers of the Future contest (the next deadline is July 1) after editing, and I will use the name A. R. Vapor, of course. If I do become a professional writer, I might reveal my identity, but I’m not sure if I actually will. The people that know me, if they follow this blog, which I doubt they would, might be able to connect the dots; but then again, I don’t keep in touch with many people. So even if they did follow this blog, they would probably still not know who I am…

Anyway, look out for a post about the Writers of the Future contest in June…if I submit it before July 1. I’m glad my instructor loved my story.


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