I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

The journey of life

Life is a journey. Sometimes it isn’t clear exactly what kind of journey we are taking when we embark on life. I mean, during about the first fifteen years of life or so, we are looking to survive, physically, emotionally, socially, etc. That is what we are journeying toward during our first two decades. Afterward, in order to survive the next few decades, we must have already established ourselves physically, emotionally, and socially (though we are always still developing in these areas). The next phase of our journey is about finding our place in the world, what we want our legacy to be. We must decide if we want to go to college or get married, what work we want to do, and what course we want our lives to take us.

This is the phase I am in now, but it’s hard because I have not yet established myself in the basic areas that I was supposed to be established in during my first couple of decades of life. I am pretty stable physically; I am physically healthy and am fortunate enough to live in a prosperous country, and I try to eat healthful foods, though I don’t exercise regularly. However, I’m not sure if I have established myself emotionally. I have been to hospitals numerous times and have had many counseling sessions, but somehow I just cannot get myself down emotionally. And I am definitely not established socially. For years, I have avoided having close friends, and I rarely speak in my classes. And now I hesitate to pursue opportunities especially if they involve working with other people.

I have not yet reached middle-age-hood. So I suppose before reaching that stage, we must already be living stable lives, whether we are working, taking care of children, dating, or even taking courses. The purpose of this stage is probably different for all people. Some people will be doing things to benefit strangers; others will be doing things to benefit their friends and families; others will be trying to benefit animals or other natural entities; and others still will be doing things to benefit themselves. Each person is different and must choose where they want their lives to take them, what they want their lives to mean. This is probably necessary in order to reach the final stage of life: older adulthood.

But like I said, our life is a journey, and we must decide what we want to make it.


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