I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Speaking Up

Today, my class was trying to figure out the answer to a problem. One answer came to my mind about 30 seconds after the problem came up. I was going to raise my hand to propose it…but I didn’t. Other students then proposed their answers, most of which didn’t work. So I had another urge to raise my hand…but again, I didn’t. Finally, one student proposed the answer I had in mind, and he was correct. Now I regret not having proposed it, because I would have been right too.

Why is it so hard to raise your hand in class? Why does it seem so frightening? I mean, everyone else is saying something…they won’t think much if you say anything too. So why is it so nerve wracking? For me, just the thought of “I’m going to say something now” almost makes my heart and mind explode. I have come to think of all the students that speak up in class brave. They are willing to take that risk of looking foolish, perhaps just to learn something. I am completely aware that I might never learn as much if I don’t speak and ask questions. I have always looked at college as a medium through which I can learn about many different things. And yet I can never raise my hand to ask or answer a question.

And this makes me feel inferior.


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