I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

God as the Platonic Form

I have been exploring the idea that every living creature (dogs, cats, whales, scorpions, seagulls, ravens, box elders, ants, trees, etc.) has its own god, a god that is manifested to each creature as one of its own kind (e.g., a god for the horses would look like a horse). I have also been exploring the idea that their god is the same as our God (so of course, our God, at least the God of Christianity–I’m not sure about other religions–looks like a human too). I am speaking from a Mormon perspective, but we all believe that our God is capable of manifesting Himself any way He wishes, whether as a burning tree, a white dove, or another human being; so surely it isn’t a huge leap to think about God as also conversing with animals or trees in their form.

I was just reading a little about the Platonic Forms. I have done a paper on the problem of universals, but this idea had not really occurred to me until now. (If you do not know what the problem of universals is, or the Platonic Forms for that matter, go look it up and try to understand it, because I’m not going to spend the entire post trying to explain it.) What if the Platonic Forms are God? What if instead of separate entities, like Plato seemed to think, they are all just one being: God? Would that not change the entire way we think of God and the Platonic Forms?

The nature of God would be much more different and complex than what we initially thought of Him. He would be the perfect Archetypal Circle that gave the roundness to all the circles in the world. He would be the perfect Archetypal Tree that gave the “tree-ness” to all the trees in the world. He would be the perfect Archetypal Human that gave the “human-ness” to all the humans; and likewise with horses, sharks, and insects. He would also be the Archetypal Beauty that gave beauty to all the beautiful things in the world. He would also be the Archetypal Good that gave goodness to all the good things in the world.

Then the Hindus would be right: God is in everything (you and me, the computer I am typing on, the school and church you and I go to, the dirt of the ground, the animals and trees, etc.); God is everything. If God can create everything, then surely He is the Horseness from which horses come; the Brown-ness from which all brown things come.

This is just a preliminary post to which I may add more later. If this concept is true, then that would mean that there are Platonic Forms, and that they are God. I’m not sure if I actually believe it, though.

However, I do believe one thing: God converses with other living creatures. I know this might seem like a silly claim, but it is true…that I believe it, that is. I also believe that they all know God more deeply than we do.


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