I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Two Roads

Two roads diverge, and I am unsure of which to take. Should I take the one on the left that goes here, or the one on the right that goes there? Is there nobody that can help me? I look around and see no one; no one can help me decide. I have to decide on my own. So I choose both roads, at least for now. As I walk with my left foot on the left road and my right foot on the right road, I soon begin to feel the tension between my legs. I can feel in my heart that this choice was a mistake. But I keep going, knowing that I can travel both roads if I want to. And yet as I continue traveling, the tension just gets worse. Soon, I find it very difficult to walk, and my legs burn. But I have to travel both; I want to know where both of them lead me. So I keep going, until I cannot go any more. I am reduced to crawling slowly with my arms. Soon, I can no longer move, and I give up, go back to the beginning of the fork, and choose one road, and walk it.

So it is with real life. As much as we’d like to travel two roads at once, sometimes we just cannot travel to the end, especially if they are diverging, even if we believe that we can. Sometimes you just need to choose one path and walk it until you get to the end. If you want, you may go back and travel the other path when you are done with the first one. But you must travel one. Otherwise you too will be reduced to crawling with your arms.


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