I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Upon the Knoll

On a tiny rock light-years from here, in a small land among the ocean, stands a small knoll. The knoll is evergreen, for everyday in that land is like summer. There is a slight breeze. Birds are flying and singing. The fishes are swimming. The other small animals are wandering the meadow, in search of food. But upon the knoll lies a young girl, about ten years of age. She is lying upon her stomach, her head propped up with her hands. Her eyes are closed, but she is listening. Listening for a sound in the distance.

Nobody sees her: she is still as a statue. Nobody hears her: she is quiet as a shadow. But she is there, listening. Nobody hears what she hears. They can only hear the wind, the ocean, and the sounds of animals wandering the area. But if they go into her head, they might begin to hear the peculiar sound, the thump thump thump that she has heard her entire life. However, this sound was meant for her, and only her. Everyone thinks of her as mad because she can hear this sound but they can’t.

But she is the Chosen One. The Earth has chosen her to hear this sound, despite how difficult the others’ mockery might be. The Earth is calling to her, petitioning her to follow the sound to the place. The Earth has a message for humanity, and it has chosen this young girl to be the messenger.

Around the knoll is mountains, ocean, and animals. Upon the knoll is the insane one, the one who hears things, the Chosen One, the future prophetess of the Earth. Upon the knoll is a miracle.


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