I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Like a Hermit

(written June or July 2012, a year ago)


I feel like an outsider.

Perhaps not an outcast –

But one who chooses to live like one.

I like this idea…


That I can go from one group to another,



Sometimes joining in.


But always fleeting…

Always moving.

Sometimes noticed,

But other times invisible.


This is how I’d like to live…

Working alone at a computer,

With nothing but nature’s call.


The rustle of the leaves, the songs of birds.

The whistling of the wind, the pattering of the rain.

The soft clacking of my computer but the racing in my mind.

Sometimes receiving visitors…


But mostly alone,

Going from one group of people to another.

Sometimes wondering if I’d made a mark on the world…

But other times not caring as long as I’m content.


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