I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Love of Nature

The eight-year-old girl watches out the window of her room as darkness envelops her heart. Her favorite tree is falling down. She listens to the drill cutting through the bark of the giant oak tree, and she wonders why. This tree has been in the family her whole life. She has and played in, on, and around it; and so have her siblings. But after one week, it will be gone forever. Her parents just don’t understand: she regards this tree as a member of her family. She sniffles and gasps as the tree tilts a little to the left. The large yellow truck, with the horrible loud noise is plowing slowly through the lawn. What can she say as a final good-bye to the tree?

“Oak Tree,” she says, not caring that nobody else could listen, not even the tree, “thank you for all the wonderful times you have given me and my family. I don’t know why my Mom and Dad hate you because I love you a lot. Maybe grown-ups just don’t know how to love nature.”

She shuts her eyes closed as the tree descends into its final fall. Tears run down her face, and she cries for the rest of the afternoon. She will never find another tree like Oak Tree, and she never wants to. But she prays that no other tree meets the same end her Oak Tree has.

This is a piece to illustrate my view that the older we become, the less we are in awe with nature. As children, we loved exploring what our Mother Earth has to give us. This was what made our afternoon wonderful! But as we get older, we become more concerned with technology. We no longer go outside to do anything. We never sit in the rain anymore. We never go out after a snowstorm to build a snowman or a snow angel. We never go out running (we only run on treadmills or in gyms). We never go outside to reflect on our lives. We never take time to climb a good tree.

Instead, we stay indoors and use computers, watch TV or movies, do anything besides going outside to enjoy nature. I think this is a sad, and I sometimes wonder why this is. I think that being in nature is much more fulfilling for the human race than sitting around and going on Facebook, because nature is real, and Facebook and TV are fake. If we went outside more, we will have a better idea of who we are and what we need in our lives. We will be more focused.



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