I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

The Silent Genius

A group of people gather to converse one with another. Only the loud ones talk, sharing their ideas and how they could impact the world. They talk about small things, which consists of the bulk of their conversation. Sometimes they have sudden insights, which they share with their own groups. Because of these insights, they think each other geniuses.

The silent people they regard as disinterested or unable to grasp their concepts, or even lazy, because they have not shared a thing. Sometimes they laugh.

But some of these silent people are watching them. They are listening, formulating their own ideas. They are afraid, however, to share these ideas, for various reasons. So these ideas brew in their minds, waiting for something or someone to take them out. And someday, the silence will be too much to handle, and these silent geniuses will break out of themselves and reveal what they are. Someday the loud geniuses will say of the silent person, “They were so quiet back then! So I had no idea I was living amongst a genius!”

I wrote this to applaud all the silent people out there! Many people that are in various levels of success are successful partly because they are bold and assertive. I think that society demeans silent people just for the fact that it is difficult for them to share among a large crowd (or even a smaller one). Schools emphasize group work. Classes for students at higher levels emphasize discussion among the instructor and the students. Before anyone can graduate, they must demonstrate they can lead a great debate among professors. But what about the silent people that cannot thrive in such an environment? I know that I certainly cannot. In other words, in this kind of society, silent people have a smaller chance of succeeding in their lives than loud people. This society is prejudiced against us, and they say that being loud is a virtue while being quiet is a vice.

Perhaps nobody has ever thought of it like this, but there is great discrimination between the loud people and the silent people.

But there is a certain genius in quiet, one that we cannot reach with just loud people. Great thinkers of the past have used quiet contemplation to come up with groundbreaking ideas. Without these silent thinkers, the world would never see progress. There would have been no advances in philosophy, science, mathematics, and technology. We would live in a world that we would now call primitive because the human is still the same impulsive animal that it once was. Why is it so hard to accept that silence contributes greatly to society?


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