I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

The Ultimate Goal

“Always choose a major or profession that empowers you.” -Ariel Mathiowitz

Empower – something that gives you the power to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

I asked my sister if she felt like her current major, illustration, empowered her. She said that she wasn’t sure, perhaps every moment is different. Maybe she’d feel like it would tomorrow, or the next day, or the next week, or month, or year. But to be sure, no for now. I asked he what her ultimate goal was, and she said she didn’t know the answer to that either. If I thought about this a year ago, or even last semester, I would have also had the same answer as she did, partly because I want to do so many things in my life, and it’s just too difficult to choose what I wanted to devote my time and being to. But, surprisingly, I know what I want to do with my life.

Yes, I want to be a mentor to those younger than I am. Perhaps I could do that through teaching or tutoring, or even something else. However, this would not serve as my main goal in life. I want to serve the world through my writing!

To begin, I am a very quiet person, although my sister might tell you otherwise when I’m around her. I am very reflective and self-conscious of the things happening around me. Sometimes, I feel almost invisible, even almost illusory. But if I write something and get it published, I will be making a proclamation, “I am here–and I am not an illusion!” I would be telling the world that I exist, and that they have not heard the last of me because after so many years of keeping myself repressed, there is so much that has to come out. However, this is just one reason I write, a very small reason. The main reason I write is that I want to make an impact on the world. I want to write things that make the reader think about their lives, to reflect on the questions of existence, of their own existence, of what really exists in the world, and what follows from these existent things.

I don’t care if I bring ultimate enlightenment (the reader seeing for the first time a perspective that they have never before considered)–although it would be great to have positive criticism–or ultimate rage (the reader disagreeing wholeheartedly with what I wrote and asking themselves why on Earth I was allowed to live). The ultimate rage the reader may feel is just a sign that I had hit something central inside of them, a thing that they don’t want questioned. And that would be a rewarding feeling as well.


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