I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Contradictions 2

I was reading over my older posts and re-read the one about contradictions. If you haven’t read it, I invite you to here.

Hegel was a German philosopher that believed that contradictions were needed. His philosophy was that a thing (which he calls a thesis) is supposed to have a contradiction (or antithesis) in order to be better understood. The thesis and antithesis could come together to create a synthesis. His philosophy came from the philosophers Heraclitus, Parmenides, and Plato.

Heraclitus believed that everything was change, and that nothing was staying the same. Thus arose the problem of knowledge. How can we have knowledge about anything if they were all a constant flux? Parmenides came in and “fixed” the problem by saying that everything was being…that nothing was changing and that change, including motion, was an illusion. Nobody was satisfied with that either because…it seems like things can be moving, doesn’t it? Plato came in and “fixed” it again and said that there are two worlds: the world of becoming (the world we live in, where change is possible) and the world of being (the place outside of our world, where nothing changes).

Hegel uses these philosophers’ ideas to create his own. Heraclitus was the thesis, Parmenides the antithesis, and Plato the synthesis.

Ever since I first read about Hegel, I was fascinated by this idea: the idea that all theses need antitheses! And then I realize that we talk about it in my Church: “opposition in all things.” Hegel’s idea was something I already understood and even believed! (although he does go further to say that all things that have happened in human history were supposed to happen, and that we are all pawns in the war between good and evil, and even that there is no good and evil, just the actions that a God wants in order to make the world a certain way, if you get what I’m saying.)

These feelings of contradiction that I described in my first Contradictions post are necessary for me to understand how life works, and even how I worked. The feelings of contradiction that you, the reader, might sometimes feel are also necessary for you, because they can create a synthesis, a lesson, perhaps, that you need to understand.

I’m sorry; these posts have mostly been about some of the interesting ideas I encounter in life. I created this blog in order to–showcase?–my journey through my stories. But perhaps I can expand it a little. This blog will also contain some of the things I want my readers (if I have any 🙂 ) to think about, and they also make good starting points for fiction.


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