I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Philosophy Conference?

I am so sorry that I haven’t added a new post for almost two months! I have just been so busy…so much has happened since I last wrote. First of all, I was the only student that got a 100% on the philosophy midterm (I found out on the very day I wrote the last post)–but I have also caught a mistake I made, and my philosophy teacher told me that I was right, that I shouldn’t have gotten a point for it, but that he wasn’t going to change the credit. For a long time, I have wanted to do a major in philosophy, but I was never sure if it was right for me, or for anyone. After all, last semester, my institute teacher laughed when he said that his brother had done a major in philosophy, and so did the entire class. I had wanted to scream at them, but I had wanted to scream at myself too for ever considering a major in it.

However, I have decided…

I am going to do a major in philosophy…and I have never been happier. In my philosophy class we had to write a paper on a philosophical problem, and I chose the problem of universals. I worked so hard on the paper, especially the research part because it is a difficult problem to understand, and I have to say that I did not understand it probably at all. But I did as much research as I could and finally just wrote it. My teacher allowed the students to turn in a rough draft, and I sent my rough draft to him via email, and the next day he told me that it was better than most papers he has ever read in an intro class. I was surprised. I worked hard on the research part, but I wrote it almost in a hurry, so I was surprised when he said that I understood the problem well and that I was a great writer.

On our very last day, when we had our final exam, he pulled me into the hall when I turned in my exam to give me back the final paper I had turned in. He told me about the International SLCC Philosophy Conference and how he wanted me to submit this paper to them this year. I was invited to submit something to that conference…from my philosophy teacher! I have never felt as good about myself as I had that time! In fact, I believe it was the very first time anyone has really praised my writing. Others have said I was a good writer, but I feel like they were just saying it. My philosophy teacher this semester, however, didn’t have to say it. He and I were never friends, and we never talked about pretty much anything. I usually never asked questions or made comments. And yet he loved my paper. So I think it was genuine.

Fall semester, I will be going to Utah Valley University. I have my schedule worked out: I will have classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays there (the Honors Colloquium [oh, and I was also accepted into UVU’s Honors Program, which they say is really hard to get into], Modern Legacies [also another honors course], Classical Social Theory [an upper-division class under sociology; I have already taken the Intro to Sociology course at SLCC and loved it!], Metaphysics, and Bioethics). But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will have a class at SLCC because the philosophy teacher I had this spring is teaching it, and it transfers to UVU as one of the required classes. I am excited. The total number of credits is 16, but the Honors Colloquium seems like a confusing class because it seems like we have to make ourselves available for a whole bunch of events. So I won’t be able to work this fall. I’ll try to work more this summer to save some money, though. Anyway, I’m just rambling now. I guess this is good-bye.


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