I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Cells of the Earth

We all know that protons and electrons are the smallest things there are, right? In comes the quarks, the material that tiny particles are made of. For a while, we thought those are the smallest things. And then in comes superstring theory, the idea that everything is made from tiny strings, smaller than we’ve ever seen before. I recently read about how these things might work. There are strings on a stringed instrument that give a certain sound. But in superstring theory, these strings don’t give off sound, but rather a properties that create a certain particle.

I recently began to wonder that if these strings are real, are there other particles, a million times smaller than these strings, that are living inside them? I know it seems to ludicrous to believe…how small can something get before it can’t become any smaller? But then again, how big can something get without it getting any bigger? So who is to say that there can not be something smaller than quarks or these hypothetical strings that superstring theory talks about? And then I began to wonder…do these exceedingly small particles know about any other small particles? Does an electron know that it is inside of an atom? Does an atom know that it is inside of a cell? Does a cell know it’s inside of a tissue (if it is)? Does a tissue know it’s inside of an organ? Does an organ know it’s inside of an organism? It is likely that they are unaware of the workings that are going on around them. They might be aware of being inside of an organism (or an organ, or a tissue, or cell, or atom), but they might also be unaware of them.

So I got to thinking…what is the human’s place in this world? What if the Earth were alive, and humans (and other animals and plants) were just cells or atoms working inside of this gigantic organism? And what if the Earth were just a small cell inside an even larger organism: the galaxy? And what if the Milky Way were just a small cell inside of an even bigger organism, the universe? And what if there were multiverses, universes beyond count, just like there are cells beyond count in our own bodies? What if there were other things out there that we couldn’t even begin to contemplate?

What if what’s out there is a lot bigger than we can ever imagine?


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