I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Lack of Empathy

What is this “lack of empathy”? It is the inability to understand another person’s feelings or to connect with them emotionally. This topic fascinates me. It never occurred to me, though, that there is some kind of an antisocial scale, from someone being too involved in people’s emotions to someone unable to feel anything for anyone. Today, however, it did occur to me, and I’d like to share it with all of you!

I was watching 7th Heaven with my sister this evening. In the fifth season, there is an episode called “Tunes,” which is about the effects of music on one’s hatred towards women. In this episode, a character, Annie, who’s the mother, says, “There are some men who think of women as things.” When I first heard this, I said, “Yes, there are!” But today, I thought of something completely different: just like what an antisocial person would think! I also learned from one of my geography classes that there are many people who think of women as things, all over the world and even in the United States. In other words, they can, in that sense, be thought of as antisocial.

Sociopathy really is a scale. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Every one of us will have a group of people that we don’t much care for. In fact, we might even say negative things about them, spread rumors and hurt their feelings even in their faces. This can be thought of as antisocial. That would mean that much of this world is antisocial in one regard or another. Essentially none of us will be able to say that we can connect emotionally with every single person. Yes, antisocial personality disorder is characterized by one being unable to connect emotionally with pretty much everyone, but we are all antisocial in one way or another.

That’s just my opinion…and my observation. If one of you have something different to offer, please feel free!


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