I am a thinker and a writer, and I study the universe.

Some Ideas

Hello, fans (if I have any! 🙂 )!

I was recently thinking about how I wanted to write my story:  should it be first or third person, for example.  I was thinking that if I wanted to write in third person, I would probably want one or two other characters; definitely two.  So I was thinking about beginning the story when Horusia is almost twelve, getting ready to swear for the first time.  Then my other characters would be Kella and Livvy.  Kella, Horusia’s 18-year-old sister all the way from Yant, is preparing to go away for university, but at the same time, she doesn’t really want to go.  She wants to go try to find Horusia, whom she knows as Owen.  Livvy would be fourteen, and she is beginning school for senior children (also known as high school here).  Of course, there would be the typical problems that teens face too.  Livvy is heartbroken that Kella will be going to the UA (Universal Academy), and of course so are Tarry and Fara, her parents, but she knows that she would want to go away for university too.

So I was just thinking about including their little adventures and misadventures along with Horusia’s.  I probably might add another character’s perspective.  But what do you all think?


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